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Nourishing Face Oil

Nourishing Face Oil

SKU: 92832900009

Carefully formulated for those with dry, sensitive skin in mind.


CAMELLIA OIL. Noncomedogenic and containing vitamins, polyphenols, and fatty acids, camellia oil moisturizes and nourishes skin without clogging pores.

CHAMOMILE. Chamomile is great for calming and conditioning. Due to its gentle properties, this herb is ideal for sensitive skin.

BAOBAB OIL. Baobab oil is high in omega fatty acids and vitamins, promoting nourishment of the skin. High in vitamin C, this oil can help promote the production of collagen, aiding the youthful appearance of skin.

COMFREY. Comfrey is nourishing and moisturizing and soothing while astringent properties promote toning of the skin. Due to the compound allantoin, this herb also helps reduce the appearance of blemishes.  


Note*** Baobab oil can be contraindicated for use during pregnancy. Consult your healthcare provider before use.

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