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Mission, Vision, and Values pt. 1

When we began to define our mission, it was important to us that we would be driven by a greater purpose than simply making products. As a family, We believe that God's natural creation is replete with good things to help us flourish in life. The mission that emerged from this was one of restoring man's connection to God's creation. James 1:5 states that “But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” In accordance with our mission of connecting to creation, we consistently seek Him for wisdom in using His creation for our benefit as people He loves. You will see this reflected in very thoughtfully chosen and creatively combined herbs, oils, and other ingredients in all of our formulations!

Additionally, we penned the mission statement of “reclaiming natural beauty.” The word “reclaim” denotes taking back something which already belonged to you. This effortlessly embodies our vision of creating efficacious and completely natural goods as healthy alternatives towards the flourishing of human life.

Natural beauty to us refers to bringing purity back into the natural health world by creating products which are truly natural. Too many companies tout the label of “holistic” and “natural” when the ingredients list identifies various chemical preservatives and fillers. We strive to operate with integrity in providing products which genuinely live up to our standard of natural health— aka all natural!

Lastly but just as importantly, natural beauty to us means helping people to feel comfortable in their own skin. Via many different resources—our products, blog posts, social media, and beyond—We aim to empower you to look and feel healthy from the inside out including a healthy view of the intrinsic beauty and value already given to you from God.

Here was a short look at our mission and vision. Next week you will get to read more in depth about some of our core values that were birthed from the mission!

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