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Easy, low to no cost ideas to improve your health today

Updated: May 12, 2023

From the faces behind SHULA…

As a family we love to incorporate healthy habits and wanted to share a few of our tips with you. Each of us have a passion for natural health and have found our own unique and individualized routines which support vibrancy and wellbeing. We hope this helps you to get to know us a bit, as well as inspires you to make a few small, simple changes that go a long way!

Delaney- Youngest sister, product photographer, and primary social media manager


Chlorophyll is amazing because it is a naturally occurring compound in plants that promotes detoxification, digestive support, clearer skin, and provides natural body odor reduction, making it an internal deodorant. I take chlorophyll pretty much every single day and it dramatically reduces bloating, acne, and brain fog, while giving me a great natural energy

Long walks

Many studies show that walking throughout the day is far more effective at reducing long-term illness and supporting bone density than an hour of exercise alone. I love to go for long walks every day and generally walk everywhere I can. I definitely embrace a more European pedestrian lifestyle. On rainy days I love to walk on my indoor walking pad that I have set up with a standing desk because I work from home. It has been such an amazing investment for my health! If you don’t know where to start, I recommend aiming for 10,000 steps a day which roughly equates to 3-5 miles depending on your stride.

Conner- Twin brother, one of our product formulators, and keeping us all up to date with industry legal regulations!

Green tea

Unlike most beverages or even most teas, green tea is naturally slightly alkaline. Drinking green tea, accordingly, can bolster both oral and digestive health, as well as help bring balance to our otherwise highly acidic diets.

Green tea is also full of beneficial compounds such as polyphenols catechins which fight free radicals and reduce inflammation.

Compared to coffee, green tea has a moderately low amount of caffeine but also has L-theanine which work together to promote brain health without being overly stimulating. Studies have shown that green tea can also promote fat burning and that it is an all-around a heart healthy beverage.

Brianna- Twin sister, researcher, one of our bloggers, dabbles in our social media content, and helps with the formulation process!


One of my favorite, easy practices is grounding. This simply means physically connecting to the earth—you can often catch me standing outside barefoot in the grass. The negatively charged electrons from the earth help to neutralize free radicals in the body, lowering inflammation along with many other health benefits such as improved sleep, increased energy, and reduced stress responses in the body. Plus, this practice is perfectly free!

Bone Broth

Another common health practice for me is making homemade bone broth. Store bought brands are significantly more expensive, and often do not contain all the gelatin that you will get from homemade broth. So healing for the gut lining and delicious. We will share recipes and ideas of how to use bone broth in a future blog!

Erin- Mom, one of our bloggers, product formulators, and a skilled community connector!


I started taking a high quality, clean collagen a couple of years ago when I noticed I was having consistent joint pain in my wrists, knees and hips. At first I wasn’t sure how much benefit I was getting until one day I realized my wrists were feeling much better and the sharp pain in my knee from many years of running had significantly decreased! Now I make sure to never run out and even pack it when we travel.

Hot lemon water

I drink hot lemon water every night after dinner. Not only is it a signal to my system that the day is winding down and helps me to relax, but it is helpful for digestion, hydrating, detoxifying and gives the body a good dose of vitamin C and other vitamins. As an added bonus, lemon water can help prevent kidney stones in those deficient in urinary citrate, plus extra fluids help stave off dehydration, which can also contribute to developing kidney stones.

Kevin- Dad, our expert bookkeeper, master of spreadsheets, formulator, and SOAP master!

Cold Showers

I almost always finish off my showers by going full cold. After a nice hot shower, I end by going full cold for a minimum of 15 seconds per side…Left, right, front, and back (a total of 60 seconds MINIMUM).

Research is promising when discussing the benefits of this practice. Benefits may include

  • bolstering immunity to common colds,

  • improving circulation

  • reducing inflammation and preventing muscle soreness.

  • Overall sense of well being

The thought of a cold shower for some might be downright scary but challenge yourself! The feeling after is amazing!

Before taking on this regimen, consult your primary physician if you are concerned about hives, heart disease, or Raynaud’s syndrome (numbness in fingers and toes when exposed to cold

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Membre inconnu
12 mai 2023

Excellent write-up of Shula founders and shakers,....good looking and beautiful photos of you 5 Dills. 😍 Love your products!

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