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Customer Reviews

Find out why people are switching to Shula for their skincare

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Without an exaggeration, the hibiscus oil has changed the texture of my skin! I love that it’s a clean product, just 3 quality ingredients. In just a week, I noticed a change. As I’ve continued using the hibiscus oil, my skin is improving dramatically. Being a “Texas” girl, I wear makeup every day. However, I no longer have to wear foundation to hide imperfections and blemishes!

--- Dawn M.

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I think the [nourishing] oil has cured my skin. It seems to have stopped peeling and I had a raised red skin on my face and it's gone. Must have product.

--- Constance S.


I've searched for a long time for soap with clean ingredients and these are the best ones I've found! The ingredients are so clean and pure; I have no worries about what I am putting on my skin. Each bar of soap is so well made and lathers so nicely. And every scent is amazing! Will be buying more of these.

--- Krista C.


The green tea balm is hands down the BEST product I’ve ever used!! I say “product” in general because it truly is my favorite thing I’ve ever put on my body. It’s incredibly nourishing and feels amazing on my skin. And the smell is BEAUTIFUL! Very natural and subtle. I love the packaging too. Elegant and drop-proof (tested many times haha). Make sure you buy multiple at a time because you’ll want to gift it to everyone!

--- Carly A.


The green tea body balm is a versatile and lovely formula! It has a pleasant green tea smell that’s natural, clean, and fresh. I also love that it has medicinal properties. I took it camping with me. I gave it to a friend of mine who developed a heat rash and who had a scar from a previous burn that was irritated from the heat and sun. After applying the body balm, the next day, the irritation was down and the heat rashes much improved! Overall, a great, multipurpose product that’s handy to have around!

--- Violet T.

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I’ve been using the Hibiscus Face Oil from Shula for almost 2 months now, and the difference I’ve seen in my skin texture is insane! I struggle with dry skin already, but with the weather getting cold, my makeup has been much cakier and my skin tends to crack. Since starting the face oil, my skin has stayed soft, my makeup doesn’t budge all day, and I haven’t struggled with my pores clogging either! I can’t recommend it enough!!

--- Cailey

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Seriously, just buy the hibiscus face oil now!! Your face will thank you. I can already see and feel improvement in my skin's texture and tone after only three weeks. I absolutely love the clean ingredients and supporting this awesome small business!

--- Maggie B.


I’ve had the green tea balm for a couple months now and I absolutely love it! I did have to get used to the different texture at first because I had never used anything like it but once I did I was in love, it makes my skin so soft and moisturized. I have very sensitive skin and every time I shave I get the itchiest legs and usually some razor rash too and this balm completely prevents it! And keeps them so soft! 

--- Anna F.

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