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Kevin Co-Founder

I have a background in engineering, and military and commercial aviation, and a passion for health and fitness culminating in me getting certified as a personal trainer.

My favorite SHULA product hasn’t hit the market yet!  Our foaming Castile liquid soap is so gentle and feels incredible on my skin.  With nothing but pure and natural ingredients, I can really tell the difference between this and so many other liquid soaps out there.  Also, the science used in creating this product is absolutely fascinating!

A fun fact about me is I have a fear of heights.  (See my background…)


Erin Co-Founder

I  work as a patient care coordinator at a sport rehab facility and I love getting to see our patients heal through hard work and great care. I also have a background in education, so getting to help teach people about natural ways to care for themselves is so exciting for me!


My favorite Shula product is our hibiscus face oil because it helps keep my skin moisturized while giving it a nice glow. It has been especially great after time in the sun this summer. 

A fun fact about me is that my favorite place to be is on the water. Swimming, paddle boarding, boating….that’s where you’ll find me.


Brianna Co-Founder

Aside from Shula, I work both as a mental health counselor and in the entertainment industry as a dancer!


My favorite Shula product is the green tea body balm. It’s incredibly versatile and I tend to have a very low maintenance skincare routine. I love being able to just lather this balm on both my face and body and call it a day. 


Another thing about me is that I thrift the majority of my wardrobe. It has been a cost-effective way to engage with a passion for anti-trafficking by not financing fast fashion. I love getting to find unique pieces to express myself too.


Conner Co-Founder

Outside of working on Shula, I am also a full time seminary student. 


My favorite product is the hibiscus face oil. I like that it is very moisturizing and doesn’t feel too heavy. It is simple, and just works. It uses great ingredients too.


One fact about me is I was born five minutes after Bri and have never been able to catch up ever since. I also love spicy food.


Delaney Co-Founder

I have my Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and am a National Board certified Health and Wellness Coach through the NBME. I’ve been working in wellness since I was 18 years old when I started instructing various types of fitness, which lasted through college. As a health coach I have worked in chronic disease management, diet, nutrition, and general wellness improvement. I currently work as a holistic wellness and beauty content creator and have been able to use my experience in media to create content for Shula!


My favorite Shula product is the lip balm because it is truly the only one I’ve found that so deeply hydrates my lips without any buildup, residue, or greasiness! I’m a lip care addict (someone once even told me that they associate me with perfectly glossed lips) so having a high quality, CLEAN lip balm is such a game changer.

I have a rescue dog named Kemper who is my best friend! My husband and I adopted her back in 2021 and since then she has traveled on many planes with me and modeled for luxury dog brands!


Resident rescue dog of Shula member Delaney and her husband. Since being rescued, Kemper has traveled to five different states!


Resident rescue dog of Shula members Kevin and Erin. Fun fact about Ollie...He has the most extensive supplement routine out of anyone in the family!

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